Kyiv restaurants with incredible terraces

Some say that the view from above is always best. Especially when sitting in a luxurious restaurant with a magnificent view over your favourite city. Accompanied by charming music, the landscape starts slowly sinking in the evening lights, leaving you to enjoy a delightful meal with a glass of wine. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner or just simply wish to enjoy the charm and tranquility, these are the Kyiv’s finest establishments to enjoy a good panoramic view of the city.


restaurant MurMur

Address: 42/4 Pushkinska Street
Price: breakfast – 60 - 285 UAH, soup – 115 - 165 UAH, appetisers and salads – 135 - 315 UAH, main course – 195 - 550 UAH, dessert – 75 - 245 UAH, cocktails – 195 - 399 UAH

The restaurant opened in place of Concorde, an establishment which enjoyed special popularity amongst fans of quality parties. The old location was renovated in all aspects, starting with the interior and the menu right down to the concept. The most prominent part of the restaurant is still a spacious terrace and to top it off, the unique mood is created by music from establishment’s own vinyl collection. MurMur boasts an extensive cocktail menu and a speciality menu based off North and South American dishes.
Opening hours: 12:00-02:00


restaurant MR. ZUMA

Address: 1а Sportyvna Square (Gulliver)
Price: appetisers – 145 - 1580 UAH, salads – 148 - 1790 UAH, soup – 86 - 409 UAH, rolls – 96 - 739 UAH, sashimi – 169 - 635 UAH, main course – 360 - 1898 UAH, desserts – 65 - 998 UAH, cocktails – 149 - 169 UAH.

The establishment is located on the fifth floor of the Gulliver mall, offering a beautiful view of the vibrant and radiant city. Over three years of restaurant’s existence it remains relevant, with its seasonal menu changes and constant additions of new and unusual dishes. The restaurant is spacious, refined and special credit should be given for its beautiful summer terrace. It combines the culinary traditions of Japan with modern trends of gastronomic culture.
Opening hours12:00-00:00


restaurant GurammaItaliana

Address: 1 Dniprovskiy descent
Price: salads and appetisers – 140 - 720 UAH, pasta and risotto – 190 - 1200 UAH, seafood – 330 - 1100 UAH, meat – 195 - 700 UAH, soup – 130 - 550 UAH, desserts – 70 - 255 UAH.

Should you wish to enjoy the panoramic view of the historic part of Kyiv and the picturesque hills over the Dnipro river, then you will definitely appreciate GurammaItaliana, a restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine. Some say that the food here is so delicious like it has been cooked by an Italian mother, with all the flour, cheese and truffles being brought over straight from Italy. Pizza is cooked in a real wood furnace and rest of the food is prepared in an open kitchen. There is live music in the evenings and on the weekends, there are oyster brunches as well as interesting masterclasses for children.
Opening hours: 12:00-00:00

Matisse Restaurant


Address: 56а Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Street
Price: закуски – 150 - 495 UAH, main course – 205 - 519 UAH, soup – 177 - 567 UAH, desserts – 85 - 165 UAH

The restaurant’s special feature is its location. Matisse is located on the 15th floor of the City Hotel in the very heart of Kyiv, with a beautiful view of Volodymirskiy Cathedral, Khreschatyk Street and other prominent sights through its panoramic windows. The establishment has a main guest room as well as a separate room for 10 guests which is ideal for special events. In addition there is an open kitchen behind glass so you can see the preparation of French and Italian food for which the restaurant is well known.
Opening hours: 7:00-23:00 



Address: 56/21а Lobanovskogo Avenue
Price: mezze - 33 - 130 UAH, soup – 68 - 99 UAH, salads – 81 - 135 UAH, main course – 99 - 285 UAH, desserts – 49 - 67 UAH

A moderately priced establishment with a menu based around Greek cuisine. A simple and unpretentious interior is carried out in blue and white colours which best emphasize the classical Mediterranean tavern atmosphere. In the center of the main room there is an open kitchen where most of the food is prepared from ingredients imported from Greece. The drinks menu has homemade Greek wine which will be perfect to accompany the selection of dishes. However, the main attraction of this restaurant is a rather spacious terrace which is perfect for watching the sunset.
Opening hours: 10:00-23:00