Best 7 charming Italian restaurants in Kyiv, Ukraine

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Simple, nutritious and straightforward food, wonderful wine, delicious dishes that are enjoyed not only by children and adults equally as well as brightly designed facilities attracting large amounts of people. There are plenty of restaurants in Kyiv, ranging from cafes serving real Italian pizza with delicate crispy dough and classic toppings to gourmet restaurants with wide selections of traditional dishes tasty enough to be envied in Italy.

Positano restaurant


Address: 1В Pavla Tychyne Street
Price: pizza – 122–209 UAH, appetisers – 84–115 UAH, soup – 102–199 UAH, pasta – 109–298 UAH, other dishes – 135–265 UAH, desserts – 44–98 UAH

The main idea behind this Italian restaurant is to demonstrate the hospitality of Campania province where the town of Positano is located, with its friendly inhabitants and a variety of food. The interior of this establishment resembles a blooming greenhouse bathed in sunlight and live plants. Everything here is very minimalistic so nothing can distract you from delicious cuisine. The main decoration here is a beautiful view of Dnipro river which can be seen through large panoramic windows as well as the oven where authentic Neapolitan pizza is baked. The menu has for traditional names such as Margarito, Quatro formaggi, Calzone and Capriccios as well as several specialty names. We recommend you try St Valentine pizza which is split into two halves, white and red, with different toppings. In addition to pizzas, they offer a range of Italian meat delicacies, cheese, bruschetta, tartar, various salads and pasta.

Pizzeria Napule restaurant

Pizzeria Napule

Address: 9 Mechnykova Street
Price: pizza – 85–345 UAH, salads – 155–339 UAH, appetisers – 179–309 UAH, soup – 95–249 UAH, pasta – 129-299 UAH, main course – 209–419 UAH, deserts – 89–159 UAH

One of the first establishments in Kyiv to use an authentic wooden oven for baking pizza as well as meat and fish. This Italian restaurant is simple and exquisite. It is equally suitable for a family dinner as well as a business lunch, with its unobtrusive, cosy and discreet interior. The name corresponds to its concept since there is a pizza menu with over 25 names to satisfy anyone’s taste. Additionally, the restaurant has a separate menu with Italian dishes, ranging from home-made lasagne to pasta and linguine with portions being notably large. The restaurant is usually fully seated, therefore it is recommended to book a table in advance.

Bigoli restaurant


Address: 7а Klovskyi descent
Price: appetisers – 150–385 UAH, salads – 185–345 UAH, soup – 125–295 UAH, pasta – 220–820 UAH, pizza – 136–265 UAH, fish – 190–1590 UAH, meat – 265–410 UAH, desserts – 56–175 UAH

Restaurant which honours culinary traditions and hospitality of sunny and colourful Italy. The establishment is ideally suitable for any event and will fascinate you with flavours and colours of the Italian cuisine dishes it has to offer. In addition to the standard menu there is a gastronomic shop with Italian specialties like olives, tomatoes, butter and even home-made pasta. The menu is quite diverse, although we recommend starting with Bigoli home-made specialty pasta from which the restaurant gets its name. It is prepared according to a traditional recipe and served either with duck, seafood or white mushrooms. There is also a mozzarella bar with a variety of Italian cheese and a tasting session is also available should you wish to discover more.

Vero Vero restaurant


Address: 18 Illinska Street
Price: appetisers and salads – 195–950 UAH, soup – 114–315 UAH, pasta and risotto – 196–985 UAH, pizza – 128–262 UAH, seafood – 315–435 UAH, meat – 315–1155 UAH, desserts – 95–165 UAH

The atmosphere resembles an Italian trattoria with a warm and cosy interior and a large terrace around it which is open during the warm season with a seating capacity of around 170 guests. Additionally, for younger guests there is a special programme with interesting presentations, movie shows and master classes. The menu includes a large assortment of pizza, home-made pasta, seafood (oysters, squid, baby octopi, wild seabass salmon and dorado), cheese as well as delicious and light deserts. The bar menu has a wide selection of Italian wines and an assortment spirits.

Osteria Pantagruel restaurant

Osteria Pantagruel

Address: 1 Lysenko Street
Price: appetisers – 129–309 UAH, carpaccio – 179–369 UAH, salads – 169–299 UAH, soup – 119–179 UAH, pasta – 189–329 UAH, seafood – 125–439 UAH, meat – 189–1699 UAH, desserts – 27–149 UAH

One of the first Italian restaurants in Kyiv which has been successfully operating for over 22 years. It is cosy and charming, simple interior with white walls and wooden furniture. There are two relatively small halls for 25 and 30 visitors, with cuisine being managed by a talented Italian Costantino Passalacqua, offering his guest authentic dishes from the highest quality ingredients. His specialty dish is home-made pasta for which he has over 10 variations such as fettucine, pappardelle, quadrucci, tagliatelle, raviolini and many others. The restaurant is famous for its magnificent wine list, representing the richness of tastes for each wine growing region of Italy.

Piccolino restaurant

resto Piccolino

Address: 67 Gonchara Street
Price: carpaccio and tartar – 310–595 UAH, salads – 195–435 UAH, soup – 128–280 UAH, pasta – 212–460 UAH, meat – 290–520 UAH, seafood – 219–2020 UAH, desserts – 139–295 UAH

It is a relatively small establishment with stylish and cosy interior resembling modern day Italy, both progressive and conservative at the same time. This Italian restaurant boasts its large prosecco collection of more than 40 names and the specialty Piccolino dish, a spicy pasta dish with rich taste and aroma which is cooked in a wheel of Parmesan in front of the guests. They host festivals of Italian wine and black truffles offering 12 kinds of home-made pasta, with lobster black truffle, vegetables etc. Risotto with squid ink and shrimp, as well as the real highlight of the menu, zucchini flowers with cheese and anchovies, which will satisfy the tastes of the most fastidious gourmets with their delicate taste.

Trattoria № 5 restaurant

Trattoria No5 Kiev

Address: 8 Dragomyrova Streer
Price: pizza – 94-164 UAH, appetizers and salads – 85–195 UAH, soup – 55–185 UAH, pasta and risotto – 88–168 UAH, seafood – 120–212 UAH, meat – 96–240 UAH, desserts – 45–165 UAH

The establishment is located in the basement and the absence of windows is compensated by the beautiful paintings on walls providing visitors with a sense of comfort. The restaurant’s premises are large, with three halls and accommodate around 120 guests. There are live music performances here in the evenings, however if you are not a fan, choosing a table further away from the performers will ensure you a quiet dinner. They also have a gastronomic shop with fresh pastry, fish and Parma ham. The menu of this Italian restaurant however is changing constantly and is updated seasonally. If you come to trattoria with children, they have games and entertainment for them as well as masterclasses from the chef on public holidays.