Ukrainian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv

Modern Ukrainian cuisine has moved far beyond the traditional borscht, varenyky (dumplings) and salo. It is flavourful, appetising and varied. It is loved by locals as well guests of Ukraine. Banosh, Kyiv style crucian carp, prune baked ribs, traditional pickling and many other dishes are known and appreciated outside of Ukraine. Here there are some best restaurants of traditional Ukrainian cuisine with a modern twist in Kyiv to satisfy the tastes the most sophisticated gourmets.

Places to taste traditional Ukrainian meals with a modern twist

Kanapa Restaurant

Kanapa restaurant

This wonderful establishment won the SIL Best Ukrainian Restaurant Award in 2016. It’s always pleasant, tasty and comfortable here. Thanks to its atmosphere and unusual specialty dishes it is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, who enjoy edible candles (from butter and garlic), black varenyky, and fragrant Ukrainian liqueurs. The gastronomic philosophy of the establishment is a combination of authentic old recipes with modern cooking techniques using local products. In addition, the whole menu is brightened with brilliantly unusual presentations, arousing appetite and desire to try every single dish. The menu’s highlights are fried beef brain, cabbage rolls with goat’s meat, bulls’ testicles in garlic sauce, borscht with pig ears or nettle and many other unusual dishes. Should you wish something more traditional, there are Ukrainian borscht which is served here in a head of cabbage, chicken Kyiv prepared with pheasant instead of chicken and marbled beef medallions.

Price range: appetizers – 39–189 UAH, salads – 89–169 UAH, main course – 89–139 UAH, dumplings – 129–149 UAH, soup – 89–129 UAH, seafood – 249–289 UAH, meat – 198–489 UAH, desserts – 19–149 UAH
Address: 19 Andriyivskiy Uzviz

Ostannya Barykada Restaurant

“Ostannya Barykada” restaurant

This establishment combines a restaurant, art space and a museum dedicated to the three Ukrainian revolutions that took place in Maidan Nezalezhnosti in 1990, 2004 and 2014. Ostannya Barykada, or OB, is an ideal place where people can learn a bit more both about the modern history of Ukraine and its traditional cuisine. Every detail in this place is intriguing and unique, starting with the entrance which is hidden and requires a password to get inside, ending with the glass ceiling through which the Lyadsky gates on Maidan can be observed right above the establishment. The cuisine is simple, delicious and relatable to anyone, serving classic dishes such as borsht, lightly salted sprats, farmer’s cheeses, fried sausages, mushroom soup, honey chicken, dumplings with sweet or salty fillings. As for the interesting drinks they serve homemade ratafias such as juniper jin, black rowanberry brandy or with galangal etc. All products and drinks available are produced in Ukraine, except tea and coffee.

Price range: appetizers – 69–129 UAH, salads – 89–99 UAH, soup – 59–89 UAH, seafood – 138–289 UAH, meat – 138–458 UAH, dumplings – 89 UAH, desserts – 79 UAH, hot cocktails – 98 UAH, liqueurs – 49 UAH, ratafias – 39 UAH
Address: 1 Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square (Globus Shopping Mall)

Sho Restaurant

Sho restaurant

Founded by Kyiv’s prominent restaurateurs Alina Kosichkina and Dmytro Zakhodyaikin, it is one of the largest Ukrainian cuisine restaurants in the country with an area of 1200 sq. m and seating for 300 persons. This giant project took almost three years to put together with extra effort put into the interior design. The interior catches the eye at first sight with its elegance of wooden elements brought over from the Carpathian Mountains and the purity of smeared white walls textured by hand. The open kitchen has an oven for baking bread by authentic recipes of traditional Ukrainian food and the whole menu was created around classic Ukrainian dishes. Here you can try potato pancakes, cabbage rolls, dumplings, vorschmuck, marinated mushrooms and vegetables, homemade sausages and many other delicacies.

Price range: appetizers – 110-1700 UAH, soup – 130-220 UAH, salads – 110-190 UAH, main course – 110-320 UAH, grill – 11-=510 UAH, dumplings – 110-180 UAH, desserts – 50-130 UAH, cocktails – 250 UAH
Address: 18 Mechnykova Street

Barvy Restaurant

Barvy restaurant

The concept at the heart of this establishment is the idea of not just serving traditional and modern Ukrainian food but also leaving guests filled with bright impressions. It is achieved thanks to the colourful interior design, varied menu and a spectacular cocktail card. The menu is full of dishes from different regions of the country and is well balanced in terms meat and fish. The restaurant offers a broad range of specialties such as salo (hard pork fat), anchovies from Odesa, chebureki with roe deer meet, carpaccio with bighead carp from Cherkassy and aspic from farm grown cockerel. Amongst the main course dishes there are gutsul potato pancakes, chicken Kyiv, wild boar cutlets, cabbage rolls with young cabbage, boar meat and wild mushrooms. The local gastronomic palette impresses no less than the exquisite interior of the restaurant, where it’s always delicious, bright and cosy.

Price range: specialties – 55–225 UAH, salads – 115–195 UAH, soups – 125 UAH, dumplings – 155–165 UAH, meat – 125–320 UAH, seafood – 195–320 UAH, grill – 105–195 UAH, cocktails – 175 UAH
Address: 3 Mechnykova Street