Popular Georgian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv

By the number of establishments Georgian cuisine is one of the most popular in Kyiv. For many years now, the attraction to delicious dishes of the Caucasus has only grew stronger. The cuisine attracts with the combination of original flavours, hot spices, sauces, bright colours as well as its charming simplicity. Over the past several years a large number of Georgian restaurants opened in Kyiv and since it is impossible to visit them all, we have chosen five restaurants that have over time won the love and sympathy from their regular visitors.

Places to taste Georgian cuisine in Kyiv

«Shoti» restaurant

«Shoti» Georgian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv

The establishment founded by a famous restaurateur Sergey Gusovskiy reflects the modern progressive Georgia, honouring its traditions and rich history. The restaurant has two floors and it is zoned in a way that it is both equally comfortable for large parties as well as quiet romantic dinners. The menu is laconic and restrained, including the most iconic dishes of Georgian cuisine. In addition, the dishes are kept in authentic tastes and not adapted to local preferences. The restaurant has a great selection of wines. As a compliment each guest is served a crispy and aromatic boat-shaped Shoti bread, where the restaurant got its name.

Price range: appetisers – 99–299 UAH, salads – 129–229 UAH, soup – 129–149 UAH, khachapuri – 159–219 UAH, khinkali – 32–43 UAH each, main course – 199–499 UAH, grill – 149–399 UAH, dessert – 45–159 UAH
Address: 9 Mechnykova Street

«Khmeli-suneli» restaurant

«Khmeli-suneli» restaurant

It is one of the first Georgian cuisine restaurants to open in Kyiv. The establishment is spacious and elegant. There are three floors with different atmosphere and can accommodate up to 220 guests. A modern interior is carried out in a dark and warm colour scheme. An open kitchen adds special cosiness allowing you to watch the food preparation, of which there are numerous meat dishes as well as traditional Georgian pastries. Additionally, there is a special oven called tandoor for baking traditional Shoti bread. The restaurant gets its name from one of the most widespread spices in Georgia, which is known for its rich aroma and unique taste, a very characteristic feature of Georgian cuisine.

Price range: salads – 132–255 UAH, appetisers – 132–390 UAH, soup – 99–185 UAH, khinkali – 125–250 UAH, khachapuri – 155–295 UAH, main course – 136–399 UAH, grill – 185–520 UAH, desserts – 59–275 грн
Address: 4–6 Mykhaylo Omelyanovych-Pavlenko Street

«Mama manana» restaurant

«Mama manana» restaurant

The first restaurant in the chain was opened in the very centre of Kyiv, near the Lva Tolstogo underground station. The location and concept of this establishment was such a success that guests would have too book a table no matter what day of the week it was, since there was an overwhelming number of people wishing to enjoy delicious Georgian food especially at such moderate pricing. The increased popularity of the first restaurant inspired the owners to open a second one which is in no less demand as well. Their secret to success is rather simple – it is always a delicious, fun and enjoyable experience, like paying your best friend a visit. The menu is simple and laconic, khinkali with cheese and mutton, five kinds of khachapuri, kubdari, adjapsandali, as well as kebabs from pork or veal, light vegetable pkhali and many other dishes.

Price range: salads – 84–108 UAH, soup – 64–98 UAH, appetisers – 48–129 UAH, main course – 56–148 UAH, desserts – 30–115 UAH, khachapuri – 84–208 UAH, khinkali – 16–38 UAH each
Address: 44 Velyka Vasylkivska Street; 5Б Grigoryi Kirpa Street

«Chachapuri» restaurant

«Chachapuri» restaurant

Another popular establishment which is always at full capacity and it is next to impossible finding a table here spontaneously without a booking. The restaurant is small, cosy and colourful. There are several rooms with tables for two or larger groups of guests, an open tandoor for baking bread and that’s all it is to the interior of “Chachapuri”. The main components for this Georgian restaurant’s success are the atmosphere of sincerity, hospitality, openness and of course large portions of traditional gourmet dishes, to satisfy the appetites of seasoned fans as well as new acquaintances equally. You can even have a personal chat with the restaurant’s chef if you are lucky, since he usually comes out to ask the guest whether they liked the food.

Price range: salads – 98–142 UAH, soup – 72–98 UAH, khachapuri – 124–134 UAH, appetisers – 49–138 UAH, main course – 68–192 UAH, desserts – 72–132 UAH
address: 36А Tarasa Shevchenka Avenue

Saperavi restaurant

Saperavi Georgian cuisine restaurants in Kyiv

Saperavi is an elegant Georgian restaurant located in Mariyinskiy park, right by the Water Museum in Kyiv. The establishment itself is inside a brick tower with an interesting and unique interior. There are chefs from different regions of Georgia, from Ajaria to mountainous Swanetiya, each one is responsible for dishes of their home region within the menu. Bread is baked here right in front of the guests in a traditional clay oven filling the entire place with fresh pastry aroma. The most popular items on the menu what we recommend are shish kebab, with a choice of lamb, turkey, veal or pork. However if you decide to give everything a try, there is a 1600 gram “meat board” to enjoy every type of kebab present there.

Price range: salads/appetisers – 130–790 UAH, soup – 125–135 UAH, fish – 355–390 UAH, poultry and meat – 190–360 UAH, grill – 120–1700 UAH, khachapuri – 130–220 UAH, desserts – 35–330 UAH
Адреса: 1В Grushevskogo Street